Southern Utah University's 125 Anniversary | SUU

2022-07-02 15:14:16 By : Ms. Josie Wu

In 1897 the founders of Southern Utah University believed so strongly in the power of education that they risked their lives and finances for the privilege of building and hosting an institution of higher education in rural Cedar City, Utah. Their determination and grit are woven into the cultural fabric of SUU. SUU’s enduring legacy is built on 125 years of fortitude, determination, and community triumph. Celebrate with us as we explore our rich history and prepare for a bright future.

Be a part of the next chapter of SUU's history by celebrating its past through creative expression. SUU is seeking entries in all mediums for a virtual art gallery throughout the 125th year of the university's founding.

Episode 3: In this weeks episode, Professor Ryan Paul "turns the tables" on APEX Hour radio host Lynn Vartan and interviews her! They are joined by SUU Public Relations Director David Bishop, and the group shares their history, experiences and hopes for the future of SUU and its great student body! Happy 125th Birthday SUU!

Episode 2: Hosts Lynn Vartan & Ryan Paul interview Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management Tiger Funk and Lead Grounds Horticulturalist Ross Murdock about their time and work at SUU. They discuss initiatives and projects that were particularly meaningful to them through the years, and even share stories of some secret lore from the offices on campus.

Episode 1: Professor Lynn Vartan and Professor Ryan Paul talk with former SUU President Scott Wyatt and former SUU President Michael Benson to reflect on their time at Southern Utah University as well as what they hope for in the years to come at SUU.

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