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2021-12-24 07:59:44 By : Ms. Nancy Xu

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Bricks made entirely out of oak wood, and some are stackable, too.

The LEGO Group has just launched its first ever collection of wooden home accessories.

Designed in collaboration with Danish design brand Room Copenhagen, the collection includes picture frames, wall hangers, book racks and desk drawers.

Each item has been designed to scale according to the original LEGO brick dimensions and, as a result, the desk drawers and picture frames can be stacked if desired.

Manufactured from FSC-certified red oak and boasting a sleek, minimalist design, each item is available in a soaped oak and dark stained oak finish to suit a range of interior styles.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of play materials, the LEGO Group originally carved its designs from wood until 1960 when it made the full transition to plastic. Aside from the launch of the LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure in 2019, this new collection is the first time the brand has worked with this natural material in over 60 years.

The collection came about as part of the LEGO Group's ongoing collaboration with Room Copenhagen, who have been licensing and bringing to market new LEGO storage and home decor products since 2010.

Jacob Eberhard, CEO at Room Copenhagen, comments: 'Room Copenhagen is well versed in creating and producing upscaled LEGO bricks for children’s storage and organisation in the home and this launch takes our collaboration with the LEGO Group to the next level, in terms of expanding the product line to target adults. We trialled it with the launch of the LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure and the success of that product inspired us to bring out an entire range in the same material.'

The new wooden home accessories collection will be available from the following retailers:

*All items are available in oak - soap treated and dark stained oak.

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