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Posted on August 16, 2022 by Andrew McLemore

When discussing its initial approach to manufacturing, Guerilla Gravity recently quoted Henry Ford. The American carmaker famously said that his customers could have a Ford in any color, “so long as it’s black.”

That worked well for efficiency, but we all know folks eventually hungered for a little more variety along the visible spectrum.

After first following in Ford’s footsteps, Guerilla Gravity will now embrace the rainbow by offering three colorful designs on several of its Revved Carbon bike frames. Pro rider Yoann Barelli even got his own color: YOLO Merlot, an ode to his “life philosophy and love of French wine,” the company said.

“Our capacity and capabilities have expanded over the last few years, and it’s time to give the people what they want: frame colors,” the company said. “Our team sifted through countless samples to decide on the colors we feel best capture the spirit of their bike model.”

In addition to new colors, the company released an upgraded version of the Gnarvana.

For Guerilla Gravity’s next-generation Gnarvana, the popular mountain bike comes with a few new features. They include a Revved Carbon swingarm, an updated alloy seat staykit, and upgraded hardware features.

A big upgrade involves a new 0mm wheel dish, replacing the 3mm dish of the first-gen Gnarvana. Riders can now expect quicker and easier wheel swaps and greater wheel compatibility without having to re-dish.

The bike also has “snappier handling” thanks to a 50 percent increase in lateral stiffness vs. the old alloy swingarm, the company said. Laying up the part in its proprietary Revved Carbon should give the new Gnarvana a big boost in long-haul durability.

The build also lost a little weight: 90 grams.

It also comes with an external brake hose clip system, and uses SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger. Thanks to internal routing of the swingarm cable, the derailleur cable enters the swingarm and exits the other end.

Mountain biker Yoann Barelli has been testing the new setup for a year, Guerilla Gravity said.

“We now have a bike that’s more dynamic, more rigid on the rear end but still offers quite a lot of forgiveness when it gets super rough,” Barelli said. “The improved suspension curve gives you the feeling of never bottoming out, and trust me, over the past year of testing, I have put some serious hits on this thing…the Gnarvana is the ultimate bike to do it all, this machine is fast, forgiving, and inspires confidence.”

A Ride Build of the new Gnarvana will set you back $4,895. It comes with RockShox Zeb Select fork and a SRAM NX drivetrain.

For the specialty “Rally Like Barelli” version, prices start at $5,695 for RockShox Zeb Select+ and a SRAM GX drivetrain.

For the top of the line, there’s the Race Build of the Gnarvana, which has a Fox 38 Factory and an SRAM X01. Prices starts at $6,995.

Curious about that feature image? Check out Yoann resurrecting a truly gnarly freeride feature on GG above!

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